Atherton Professor in Mathematics

Current Addresses

Office Department of Mathematics
306 McAllister Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
814-865-3735 (Fax)
Home 119 Meadow Lane
Centre Hall, PA 16828

Personal Information

Date of Birth
December 4, 1938
Place of Birth
Salem, Oregon, USA



Member of the faculty, the Pennsylvania State University

Visiting Positions

Visiting Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1970-71
Visiting Lecturer University of Erlangen 1975
Visiting Professor University of Wisconsin 1975-76
Visiting Lecturer National University of Mexico 1977
Visiting Professor University of New South Wales 1978-79
Visiting Lecturer New Zealand Mathematical Society 1979
Adjunct Professor University of Waterloo 1982-92
Visiting Scientist Australian National University 1983
Visiting Professor University of Strasbourg 1983
Visiting Ordway Professor University of Minnesota 1988
Visiting Scientist T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM 1990-91
Visiting Fellow University of Melbourne 1997-98
Visiting Researcher University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1998
Visiting Professor Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria 1998
Visiting Research Fellow School of Math. Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 1998
Visiting Professor University of Florida 2005-present

Selected Honors and Grants


My research centers on the theory of partitions and related areas. For a summary of my early research, please see The Work of George Andrews: A Madison Perspective by Richard Askey, paper B42b, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire (electronic journal), 1999. Also see my Selected Works (With Commentary) Imperial College Press, 2013.

I have a long-term interest in the work of Ramanujan, the Indian genius, whose last notebook I unearthed in the Trinity College Library at Cambridge in 1976. I am collaborated with Bruce Berndt on a fivei-volume study of this 'Lost Notebook.' The first volume of this study appeared in June 2005; the second in January 2009, the third in 2012, and the fourth in 2013, and the last in 2018. In addition to more than 350 scientific papers, I have written books on number theory and the theory of partitions, as well as edited the collected papers of Percy A. MacMahon (see the attached bibliography). Currently I am working on q-series and on further aspects of partitions and their amazing relationship with Ramanujan's enigmatic identities.


Thesis advisor for 28 Ph.D. and 20 Masters degree recipients.